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Planning to catch up on the latest films featuring your favourite actor or actress? Then is the online streaming site that you should look out for. Offering a wide selection of Asian films, is your one-stop destination for binge-watching your favourite films! So, get your popcorn (or any of favourite snack) ready and go on a drama marathon with!

Why Choose

We Malaysians love our movies and dramas, to the point that we will rush back from work or stay home during weekends just to watch them to our heart’s content. Now that there are so many online movie-streaming sites available, you might be wondering why you should opt for instead of the rest. Hence, here are some reasons why should be at the top of your list:

Variety of Media Available

One of the main reasons why should be your top choice is its sheer selection of movie titles it provides. Unlike many other sites which specifically targets a particular genre or country’s productions, has binge-worthy content from all across Asia including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Thai, Hindi, Tagalog, and more. This means that you might even find new titles that you did not previously know about. Whether you want to laugh heartily over Korean romantic dramas, get shivers down your spine from Japanese horrors, or discover a dose of local Malaysian favourites, is here for you. Speaking of variety, offers more than just dramas and movies on its site. It also contains a myriad of other media including variety shows, infotainment, and even songs which cumulatively gives up to 4,500 hours of non-stop entertainment!

High-Definition Quality also ensures that the viewers on its site get high-definition viewing quality – up to 1080p resolution for the content on-site. This is for users to achieve a wholesome viewing experience whilst watching his or her favourite shows on Regardless of the type of shows you are watching, you can trust to provide the best visual quality that will not make you want to take your eyes off the screen for even a second.

No Restarting Required also applies a cutting-edge technology that automatically detects until which part did you watch the video previously and will resume from that point onwards. This prevents you from wasting time scrolling through the video’s timeline to identify where you had left off. This comes in handy when you need to take a break or if you suddenly need to stop watching the videos.

Stream as You Browse

Moreover, another benefit that provides is the ability to watch your shows and browse for other titles at the same time. By default, when you click into the show that you want, it will start playing at the right-hand side of your computer screen. If you do not enlarge it to full screen mode, you can continue to browse through the site on the left-hand side of the display. This is convenient as you do not need to switch between tabs to continue browsing through the site, hence disrupting your viewing experience. Premium

Users can also go for Premium to enjoy more benefits. By subscribing to Premium, users can enjoy exclusive privileges including unlimited downloads, priority viewing, etc. They will also be able to have unlimited access to all content as some of the shows on the site are limited to Premium members only.

Redeeming and Utilizing Promo Codes

Now that you know more about, you might want to start trying it out. Before you do, do browse through the vouchers and promo codes available on this page. New Straits Times has specially curated them for you to get more value as you watch your favourite shows on the site. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to redeem the coupons on this page:

  1. Look through the coupons available on this page to find one that best interests you.
  2. Check its details to find out more about the coupon such as its validity date and other terms and conditions.
  3. Upon making sure that the coupon code is still valid and matches your needs, click on the button to obtain the code. Copy it to be used later. If there is no code present, it simply means that the promo is automatically applicable without requiring a code.
  4. Once the code has been copied (if any), proceed to to utilize the benefits provided by the promo.

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