GrabFood Promo Code In Malaysia | October 2019

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GrabFood Malaysia – Your Favourite Dishes Delivered Hot and Fresh

GrabFood Malaysia

After a long day’s work, wouldn’t it be nice if you have your favourite food waiting for you the moment you arrive home? Well, thanks to Grab, this is now possible! Grab has introduced GrabFood, a food ordering and delivery app that allows you to order your desired dishes from favourite diners and vendors, then have them delivered straight to your doorstep! No more waiting in long queues or braving the horrid traffic just to have a bite to eat!

Why Choose GrabFood Malaysia

GrabFood Malaysia

Whether you are craving for a steaming hot meal on a cold rainy day or a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth, have your favourite food delivered to you fast and conveniently no matter where you are with GrabFood. Here are some reasons why GrabFood should be your food order and delivery app of choice:

Hassle-Free and Convenient

Like its ride-hailing service, Grab ensures that the GrabFood app is easy to use and that transactions can be done within minutes. There is a prerequisite though: You will need to have the Grab app installed with a registered Grab account to sign into the GrabFood app.

With GrabFood, you can satisfy your hunger pangs with just a few taps. Simply download the app, select what you want to eat from the options available, and place your orders. Then, all that is left is to wait for the food to be delivered to wherever you are currently at. From ordering the dishes you want to placing orders, the entire process takes less than 5 minutes! This app can come in handy when you are hungry but still want to focus on work or if it’s raining and you do not have anything to eat at home but it’s too troublesome to drive out just to have something to eat.

Enables Better Time Management

When you place an order on GrabFood, the app will show you an estimated time for the food to arrive at your desired location. This allows you to plan your time better so that you can receive it without interrupting your plans or taking up too much of your time. Hence, you can continue to stay productive while filling up your bellies!

Restaurant Recommendations

Another benefit that GrabFood provides is that it lists out all the eateries and diners that it is affiliated with which are located near your location. From local delights to popular restaurants, GrabFood offers a wide array of choices for users to select from. It might seem as a disadvantage at first, only providing the option to choose from nearby restaurants, but this is actually to ensure that the food still remains hot when it reaches you. What’s more, there is no minimum order required so you can go ahead to your heart’s content! You can also order from different restaurants but you will be subjected to extra delivery charges.

Rewards Scheme

By using the GrabFood app to order your meals, you can earn 5X GrabRewards points for every dollar spent. These points can be used to redeem Grab ride discounts and other exciting goodies offered by Grab’s partners and affiliates.

Redeeming and Using GrabFood Malaysia Promos and Coupon Codes from NST

Nothing quite beats being able to save while you shop. With that said, New Straits Times has curated a comprehensive list of GrabFood vouchers and coupon codes that you can utilize while using the app to enjoy more value. Here is how you can redeem these GrabFood coupon codes:

  • Browse through the list of GrabFood vouchers on this page to find one that interests you the most.
  • Once you have identified one that you would like to use, simply click into it to access the accompanying code. Do note that some of these coupons might not have codes; these coupons are automatically applicable without requiring users to manually insert codes.
  • Then, proceed to the GrabFood app. Look through the list of restaurants available to find the meal you are craving for. The app will also notify you on the estimated time it will take for the food to arrive at your location.
  • Upon finding it, simply place your order by stating the food you want and how many portions you want.
  • During the checkout phase, remember to insert the coupon code you had copied earlier (if any) to apply the benefit.

Payment Methods

In terms of payment methods, you can simply link the app with GrabPay, the primary payment channel for Grab by going to Account and then Payment. In case you want to update your payment method, just make the updates on the Grab app, then “Relink” the GrabFood app to GrabPay once the changes have been made.